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The crying nature,Arctic is growing in the polluted(pic) | tech bar

13 Oct

So sad pics… WTF are we doing with our planet?


Shawn Lawrence Otto: Elected Officials Deny Climate Science as Climate-Related Losses Grow

30 Aug

The massive storm that slammed into the Eastern seaboard had at least 65 million people in its projected path through America’s most heavily developed area of population. Most hurricanes shouldn’t be able to make it that far north — except for one little detail: global warming — the same global warming that America’s elected representatives are either ignoring or denying it exists. The main argument is being driven by an oil industry funded lobbying effort that has dumped more than $1 billion into defeating cap and trade legislation and convincing the American public that climate change is a “hoax.”

Worth read.

Sign our 15-25 petition – Conservation International

28 Oct

Excellent! Please, sign up! Thanks to for sharing this link.

Copenhagen climate change conference 2009 | Environment |

15 Dec

27 Oct

Getting A Grip On Sustainability | Green Eco Voice

14 Oct

14 Oct

From the page: “Day of Climate Action: 2,250 Events, 152 Countries”

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