So is SOPA Dead? Not Exactly – Forbes

17 Jan

Via Scoop.itLittle things about tech

I’ve been hearing chants around the internet today that are quite literally “ding dong, SOPA is dead!” After some news this weekend, many are writing off the bill entirely. Here’s what happened to make them believe that. SOPA (U.S.) is as dead as SINDE (Spain)… before the elections. However, as soon as Spain’s government changed, SINDE was immediately approved. After a tumultuous 2011, full of attempts at revolution in all corners of the world, governments are reacting, feigning interest and support for their citizens’ grievances… but don’t be fooled, governments have no desire to hand over the the reins of our own destinies. SOPA may get shot down now, but don’t be surprised if a similar measure is passed quickly following the presidential elections. Americans, let Spain be a lesson to you. Don’t quit fighting and don’t allow yourselves to be pacified. *GOD SAVE THE POLITICIANS* *rolling eyes*


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