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The Voca People

23 Apr

Really good. Lovely repertory. 🙂


Amos Lee – Listen – Live at Lightning 100

19 Apr

“But be careful now
Be careful of all them folks out there who surround you
Be careful
Some of them really only want to ground you
They only want control
Tear you down to that hole
So be careful”

Obama administration breaks with the years of climate change denial | Environment |

18 Apr

The Obama administration took a bold first step towards limiting the gases that cause global warming today after formally declaring that such emissions are a danger to public health.

The official finding by the Environmental Protection Agency that carbon dioxide and five other gases threaten public welfare sets the stage for regulation of emissions from coal-fired power plants, and for forcing US car manufacturers to make cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicles.

Arn0 – Illustrators & Artists Agents – Debut Art

12 Apr

Vídeo de Moving – Macaco – National Geographic

12 Apr

Amazing video! So inspiring! Remember, just ONE MOVE! 😉

The Troll | TheNark

8 Apr

Children will love it. Thanks startbas.

8 Apr

One more time, a great link. Thanks tigana. 🙂

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