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This video was banned in Congress. [VIDEO]

13 Jan

Interesting video.


The Righteous Mothers

13 Jan

Old Fat Naked Women for Peace. 🙂 I like the idea.

President-elect Barack Obama: set a date to close Guantánamo | Amnesty International

12 Jan

Seven years of tortures
“President-elect Obama has committed to closing the US detention centre at Guantnamo Bay. On the eve of the seventh anniversary of the first transfers to the facility, on 11 January 2002, Amnesty International is calling on him to go a step further and set a date for closure, promptly after taking office.

Activists around the world will take action this weekend and call on President-elect Obama to make sure this is the last ever Guantnamo anniversary. Activists dressed in the familiar orange boiler suits will congregate outside US embassies and in city centres from Finland to Peru.

Bringing an end to the Guantnamo detentions and the wider system of abuses that have been the hallmark of the US government’s counter-terror policies and practices over the last seven years must be prioritized by President-elect Obama. Amnesty International has launched a checklist of issues that it is calling on him to tackle within his first 100 days in office in order to begin to restore US compliance with international law.

Activists will also be urging other countries to facilitate the closure of Guantnamo by offering humanitarian protection to detainees who cannot be returned to their countries of origin for fear of torture or other human rights violations. A number of European Union (EU) states, including Germany and Portugal, have voiced support for the idea of accepting detainees in the EU.

Take action online to call on President-elect Obama to demonstrate a commitment to human rights in his first 100 days in office. His first steps should be:

* Announce a plan and date to close Guantnamo
* Ban torture and other ill-treatment as defined under international law
* Ensure that an independent commission on US “war on terror” abuses is set up”

21 January 2011

10 Jan

Condoleezza Rice, Gaza and Zimbabwe & what’s left

10 Jan

One word: Infamy. STOP THE BLOODSHED!

7 Jan

From the page: “Amnesty International has called on Israeli forces to immediately halt the unlawful attacks carried out as part of the escalation of violence which has caused over 400 Palestinian deaths and some 1900 injuries since December 27. Amnesty International also condemns the rocket fire by armed Palestinian groups including Hamas that have resulted in the death of 4 Israelis with several dozen injured.

This is the highest level of Palestinian fatalities and casualties in four decades of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Scores of unarmed civilians, as well as police personnel who were not directly participating in the hostilities, are among the Palestinian victims of the Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip.

From January 2008 until the cease-fire agreement in June 2008, 420 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces, half of them unarmed civilians, including some 70 children. In the same period, Palestinian armed groups killed 24 Israelis (six by rocket fire from Gaza), 15 of them civilians, including four children. Although there was relative calm during the cease-fire with no Israelis or Palestinians killed in the area, sporadic rocket fire into Israel continued and Israel further tightened restrictions at Gaza crossings.

The attacks of December 27th have come at a time when the civilian population already faces a daily struggle for survival due to the Israeli closure which has prevented even food and medicine from entering the Gaza Strip. According to a report authored by Amnesty International, OXFAM, CARE, and several other organizations, the humanitarian crisis is at an all-time low and is now worse that it has ever been since the 1967 Israeli military occupation. Rising unemployment, crippling prices of food and basic supplies, and inadequate medical facilities have created a man-made disaster.

More than 80 percent of Palestinians in Gaza rely on humanitarian assistance, with UN food aid going to around 1.1 million people – three-fourths of the population. The report also stated that the number of families dependent on the UN agency for the Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) has increased ten fold since 1999.”

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