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30 May

Half Naked friday

Yes, today is HNF, and supposedly I should post a half naked amazing male. But I am not sure I want to post a half naked guy today… at least not any guy… I would love to post a picture of THE ONE* but he would never forgive me if I do it, so, this time, this post will be empty.

*THE ONE: The man we love even if he is too fat or too thin, or too tall or too short, or bald or too hairy, or too old or too young, but the one who draws a smile in our faces with a simple “I love you”.

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Get Service

30 May

This one made me cry. Thanks You made my day, my dear friend. 🙂 Watch this video, really worth it.


30 May


“Cluster munitions kill children and other civilians long after wars are over–and this week, we have a chance to ban them. 109 countries are in the final stages of negotiation on a cluster bomb ban — but some are trying to water down the treaty with loopholes, exceptions, and delays.

Our information is that the delegations obstructing a strong treaty in the last few days include the UK, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland, so messages to these leaders will be particularly valuable.”

Please, sign the petition.
Thanks to for this one.

30 May

Stolen from Excellent!

30 May

“Petition in support of the Tiananmen Mothers Nearly 19 years ago, the Tiananmen Mothers lost family members in the brutal crackdown in Tiananmen Square. They’ve waited for justice ever since. It’s time to end the wait. We’ve launched an urgent new petition to the Chinese government supporting the simple demands of the Tiananmen Mothers. The full petition statement reads: We support the calls on the Chinese authorities made by the Tiananmen Mothers for them to be able to publicly mourn, without harassment, for those killed in the 1989 military crackdown on peaceful protestors in Beijing. We urge the Chinese authorities to allow public debate about the events of 3-4 June 1989 as an important step towards securing justice for the victims of the crackdown in 1989 and their families.”

For every name they collect, they’ll place a single rose outside of the Chinese Embassy in London on 4th June, the 19th anniversary of the crackdown.

Please, sign the petition. Thanks. 🙂
Thanks for this one.

567 CapeTalk

30 May

Thanks again, anitab.

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30 May

From the post: “Something the local media is only giving minor coverage are the lines and the fights now starting to spring up at local gas stations. What do you expect when gas prices around the globe didn’t change despite the rise in the price of oil per barrel but the prices at Indiana gas stations jumped $0.30 the morning after the “Service Station Dealers Association of Indiana” said they must raise prices to remain profitable.

Let me put all this into perspective…

During the first quarter of 2008 the big oil corporation made record profits once again.

Chevron made $5.17 Billion profit

ConocoPhillips made $4.14 Billion profit

Shell Oil made $9.08 Billion profit

BP Oil made $7.62 Billion profit

That is $26,730,000,000

So these guys are so greedy that they can’t even share a tiny fraction of that with the small businesses that help distribute their overpriced, crappy products?

According to the National Petroleum Convenience Marketers, the total number of gas stations in the USA has been steadily declining over the last 10+ years and is currently around 168,000. That works out to roughly $159,107 profit from each station, in just the first three months, during which time unemployment, foreclosures, and other hardships have only increased for the average American.

Isn’t there some way these corporate gluttons could pass some of that profit back down the chain so the local stations could offer lower prices without going bankrupt? How about just being happy with what you have and not trying to destroy the lives of millions of other people through bankrupting them? Or do they WANT us to force a huge tax increase on them?

I love making money and buying things as much as the next guy, but I also understand that as I do better personally, it is my responsibility as a decent human being to help take care of those less fortunate. In some more socialist countries where the petroleum industry is a state controlled entity, prices are below $1/gallon! I’m not saying this is the answer for the USA, but there has to be a middle ground somewhere.

The stingy egocentric tendencies of modern corporations has gone too far. Capitalism can be a great thing as long as it is not done at the expense of all else, including the lives of others and your own soul.”

I went to get some petrol this morning and I payed 55 to fill the tank up… I was in shock! Two weeks ago I only payed 46 . Food prices have jumped almost 60 per cent in the past year. Nevertheless, farmers only receive the 25% of the money while we pay four times the price over the products. What are they, those who hold the power, pretending to do with us? Are we going to sit back and do nothing? Our mouths closed? Our eyes…? Ears???

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