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seaconfuseds reviews – StumbleUpon

23 Mar

Nice blog.

23 Mar

Thanks for this one.

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23 Mar

Tons of provocative posts and pictures. Don’t miss him. 🙂
Oh, I am your 99 review! Cool number! 😉


Martin Beckett

21 Mar

Martin Beckett’s excellent work. 🙂

Roby07s reviews – StumbleUpon

21 Mar

From Roby’s page:


Must have above average intelligence and humour to excite me.
Must be passionate about something besides yourself.
Must have self~confidence, heart, soul and a conscience.
Must be authentic, adventurous, kind, romantic and a little poetic.
Must be wildly empathetic and compassionate towards other human beings.

Must not dwell in the past or be afraid to take a risk.
Must not get intimidated by a girl who can navigate or direct from time to time.
Must not be neurotic, psychotic, moody, ill~tempered, selfish, self~absorbed,
brooding, whining, nasty, evil, hateful or mean.
***(86.5% of you just fell off the radar didn’t you? LOL)***
Must not be a couch potato or have a remote control permanently glued to your hand!
***(Oops..there goes another 5.5% of you. LOL)***
Must not take longer to get dressed than I do…LOL
***(and another 7% bites the dust. LOL)***

Otherwise, the packaging is just another box without the bow.
No thanks!


In other words…to the 1% left in the mix…
HNF is a fun little group to belong to BUT, what I’m trying to say here is this:
In real life boys, it’s what’s inside that counts most. 🙂

Get it?
Got it?



Agree 100%. I couldn’t found a better way to say it… “Otherwise, the packaging is just another box without the bow.”

21 Mar

Half Naked friday

HNF Club
Kimbertris, Annie52, Ladygray, Dollyeyes, Anitab, Weepingbeauty, sweetpeepslj, Fantm,
Ssweetnessss, Libris, Roby07, Dneeser, Kantrell53, Siochantacroi, Wildhoneysuckle,
Ambivalenzz, Angelic-Paradox,Peasofgreen, Bordertourista, Stwichell, Speidyt, Thescrappycat, Helsinkip.

nish648s favorite websites – StumbleUpon

21 Mar

Lovely posts here. Thanks! 🙂

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