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28 Feb

Good links and comments. Kinda great example of FOS.


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28 Feb

Smart young woman here! 🙂 Nice stuff.

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28 Feb

Amazing collection of erotic images. Stunning and inspiring blog.

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28 Feb

Great start! 🙂

BBC ON THIS DAY | 28 | 1991: Jubilation follows Gulf War ceasefire

28 Feb

1991: Jubilation follows Gulf War ceasefire
The guns are silent and the war is over in the Gulf.

In Context

Iraq had refused to comply with the UN ultimatum for its troops to withdraw from Kuwait after its invasion in August 1990 and on 16 January 1991, Operation Desert Storm began.

The Allies launched a devastating and sustained aerial bombardment involving cruise missiles launched from US warships and US, British and Saudi Arabian fighter planes, bombers and helicopters.

After more than a month of intensive air attacks, the Allies launched a land offensive, on 24 February.

One day later, the Iraqis began retreating. On 28 February, President George Bush declared victory.

Kuwait was liberated but Saddam Hussein remained in power and turned his wrath on the Kurd and Shiite communities.

Tensions between Iraq and the US continued as ceasefire agreements were violated and UN weapons inspectors prevented from doing their job.

In March 2003 George Bush’s son, George W, launched an attack on Iraq in spite of worldwide opposition to war. Backed by British and Australian forces, the aim was to topple Saddam Hussein and eliminate any weapons of mass destruction.

Within a month, the Baghdad regime had been toppled and the Americans were claiming victory but there was no sign of any weapons of mass destruction.

Saddam Hussein was captured alive after several months in hiding in December 2003.

American-led coalition forces continue to occupy Iraq. On 28 June 2004 when power was officially handed back to the Iraqi authorities and elections held in February 2005.

Following a trial in an Iraqi court Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death and executed in December 2006.

27 Feb

Thanks to wicked4everdad, who I deeply admire and appreciate, for this inspiring video.
Please, listen with your heart.

Watch The Original

27 Feb

For all who have filled my inbox with sad stories. For those who are as sensitive as me. For all my friends… this letter is for you.

I must confess that I have a big defect. For me it’s almost impossible to keep quiet when I see something that I consider “wrong”. I need to say what I think although I don’t have problems with anybody… *yet* -I am conscious that it’s possible that I will have them from now because of this-.

SU is becoming a battlefield. Insults, affronts, despites, offenses are being part of our daily life here. That’s so sad and I must say it. The only thing we can do is try not to give up when other stumblers attack us. We have a tool to block those who we are not interested on listening. So, please, USE IT and move on. Anyways, I hope that the people who use to be poisonous, read the posts about Freedom of Speech [Here](Remember that there are a lot of people who doesn’t know what FREEDOM of SPEECH is and be an ignoramus doesn’t mean that you are a bad person) and find another way to write their stumbles. I think that it could be possible with just a little more respect.

Finally, we all know that the clowns are necessary in all the communities, and to make laugh others mocking of a few it is really simple… all what I can say is that I can’t imagine how this people feel inside. They should be very unhappy to be that evil. Do you see it? Have you realized who they attack? For sure they have a lot of sadness in their hearts so don’t hate them… love them. Don’t reject them… feel sorry about them. Don’t fight them… give them a helping hand. So guys, stay cool, enjoy the nice part of this wonderful virtual world and have fun. Let’s show them how strong we really are. Our happiness kills them! 😀 Nevertheless, don’t forget the “block” button. So, just let it go and move on.

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